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    Declutter Toys With Your Kids Before the Holidays

    It seems like the second Halloween is over, the Christmas decorations start popping up everywhere. While this a joyous and exciting time for a lot of people, it’s also one that can be filled with anxiety and dread. When the house seems like it’s already overflowing, the last thing to be excited about is more stuff.

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    The Freedom to Rest Through Simplicity

    .March was a hard month. January and February brought about a lot of simplifying and decluttering, which lead to a lot less stress and more motivation, March really knocked the wind out of me. Because of that, I took most of the month of March off from doing much of anything and since then, put a lot of my simplifying on hold.

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    ToSimplicity - 30 Day Minimalism Game

    The 30-Day Minimalism Game of 2017 #minsgame

    2016 is finally over and it’s time to look ahead for 2017! While the usual goals of eating healthier, being more active, losing weight, or building a business are great goals, this year I’m trying something a little different.

    This blog so far has been all about my journey to simplify, declutter, and discover minimalism. My friend Amy (from and I are going to be taking on the 30-Day Minimalism Game (#minsgame) to start off the new year with less stuff!

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    To Simplicity - Decluttering Part 3: The Basement

    Decluttering Part 3: The Basement

    This summer has been busy, especially in August! We’ve had two trips out to Michigan; to visit and for a pirate-themed wedding. Plus, getting the little one back to school and adjusting our routine around that and after school activities.

    I really wanted to have more of the house decluttered by now but fell a little short of those goals. With school now in session, I’m planning on spending more time tackling the rest of the house.

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    To Simplicity - Decluttering Part 2: Books and Papers. I continue my KonMari decluttering journey with books and papers! Books are usually hard for people to part with but I found a few tips along the way.

    Decluttering Part 2: KonMari Books and Papers

    As I continue following along with the KonMari process, after clothes comes books then papers. Even though I’ve done these three categories the first time I tried to KonMari my house, I was still really surprised by the number of clothes I was able to part with. This gave me some hope that books and papers would follow that same trend.

    In a way, they did and in a way they didn’t. I got to see areas I did really well in last time and also places I’m still really struggling. Since the books and papers categories were pretty reasonable, I combined them both here.

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