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Andrea and Family


Hello! I’m Andrea, the person behind To Simplicity! Welcome to my blog and my journey towards a simpler and more fulfilling life!

A little about me

I currently live in Northwestern Pennsylvania with my husband, daughter and two cats. Over the course of my adult life, I’ve lived in three different states and have moved too many times to count. While I love moving as much as the next person, one of the perks of moving so often was that all of my possessions were simplified to the basics and I only kept what was useful or meaningful. Having such a small amount of essential items has been incredibly liberating for me and is something I’m really missing.

Since moving to Pennsylvania and getting married, I haven’t moved in five years so the amount of stuff and clutter is taking over.

Purpose of this blog

My goal in starting this blog is to keep myself accountable while I simplify as much of my life as I can, including decluttering, simplifying the home, finances, family life, and travel. I want to get back to that place of freedom where my things are again just things and not something that seems to occupy most of my life.

While I certainly don’t have it all figured out, I hope showing that I can do this will inspire you that you can too!

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