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ToSimplicity - MinsGame Week 1

30 Day Minimalism Game – Week 1 Recap

At the beginning of the year, my friend Amy and I decided to kick off 2017 by unloading a lot of our physical possessions. What better way to jumpstart the year than by simplifying it? This is the year that the house is going to be thoroughly and finally decluttered!

The 30 Day Minimalism Game started and so far, we’ve both done awesome! If you haven’t been following us, be sure to check out our daily hauls on Instagram @andrea.maniaci.hart and @amyfillinger.

Each day, I’ve been posting a little bit about what I’ve gotten rid of. Taking a page from Marie Kondo, I’ve been saying goodbye to these items and thanking them, which sounds silly but it makes it a lot easier to part with things that were useful but aren’t adding value anymore. I’ve also been keeping a daily total for all of the items that I’ve gotten rid of so far.

Week 1 Recap

MinsGame - Week 1

Total items removed: 36!

It doesn’t seem like many items so far but this was only week one. We both have plenty more to get rid of in the following weeks and I couldn’t be more excited!

Is decluttering and getting rid of excess one of your goals for the year? It’s always a good time to start! Interested in this challenge? Check out my first post about the 30 Day Minimalism Game of 2017 and find out more from the creators of the game, The Minimalists.


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