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ToSimplicity - MinsGame Week 2

30 Day Minimalism Game – Week 2 Recap

Welcome to the end of week 2 of the 30 Day Minimalism Game but more than that, welcome to the halfway point! It feels like this month is flying by already but seeing so much stuff go out the door is making it truly amazing!

So far, the total number of items removed is 134. That may not seem like a super impressive number just yet but the next two weeks are about to get really challenging since, by the end of week 3, that total number will almost double what it is now. I have struggled some days but overall, this has been a good challenge. Not to mention the free space I’m seeing around the house and in drawers that were full. I’ve been able to clear off more surfaces and have been able to find homes for the items I want to keep.

What’s more, I’ve been starting to see what I truly value for the first time in a while. There’s been so much I’ve been holding onto that I thought I needed but, by looking closer, I’m realizing I don’t. All of these just in case items that will likely never be needed or if they are, take very little time and money to replace. I’m definitely taking note of the 20/20 rule created by the Minimalists. If I don’t need something right now, haven’t used it recently, or don’t need it in the near future, out it goes. If I can replace it for under $20 and in 20 minutes, there’s no reason to store it. I needed this rule when I went through kitchen gadgets previous (extra blenders, anyone?) but I’m using this idea a lot now.

30-Day Minimalism Game Week 2 Photo Recap

So how was the haul this week? Take a look!

MinsGame - Week 2

Lots of odds and ends went out this week! Honestly, even more shocking, was the fact that some glass baking dishes were added to the donation box. My husband loves glass baking dishes and it seems like we’re always buying more, leaving them places, and buying more to replace them. At the moment, we seem to have most of them back so our glass section in the kitchen was almost unusable. I took this game as a chance to finally let go of some of the extras.

How is your 30-Day Minimalism Game going if you’re playing? Be sure to follow me on Instagram @andrea.maniaci.hart if you’re not already to stay updated on the daily progress!


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