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ToSimplicity - MinsGame Recap

30 Day Minimalism Game – How The Month Went

After an entire month of discarding, donating, selling and simplifying, I finished my 30-Day Minimalism Game! If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve seen a LOT of stuff leave the house! All told, there are 550 items that are no longer taking up space!

I can’t begin to describe how great this challenge has been. I’ve been wanting to declutter and had started on it in the past but having to get rid of so many things each day and be accountable for it was a huge motivator. Not to mention, it built up a lot of momentum to keep going and to get this decluttering done once and for all!

The game was really challenging but in the best way possible. It started off easy enough with the surface clutter for some quick and easy wins. About a third of the way through, a lot of the surface clutter was gone. That’s when the hunting started. Digging through drawers and cabinets, cupboards and boxes, to find stuff to discard that day. And some days, especially at the end, it was challenging to meet that number!

Once the initial digging was done and still more items were required, the hard questions started. Do I need this item? Does this bring me joy? Does this add value to my life? In the end, some long-held items were discarded and it was sometimes a struggle. My goal for this year is to simplify. To focus on the here and the now. To be present and be mindful. In the end, those items and others I am now re-evaluating, don’t serve that goal.

Someone asked on Instagram what the hardest things were to get rid of. The largest struggle I faced came from the sentimental items, specifically photo book and old yearbooks. A lot of the little mementos and tokens from trips or from the past I didn’t have too much trouble getting rid of but the photos and yearbooks I did set aside and will come back to later. While I was getting rid of some of the old picture frames that take up a lot of space, I did start scanning photos. I’d like to work on scanning all of them and have digital copies (backed up twice after!) so I can let go of the physical ones. There’s a reason Marie Kondo suggests saving sentimental items for last… they’re the hardest to part with.

Missed the Instagram posts? Here’s a recap of how my 30-Day Minimalism Game went!

Week 1

MinsGame - Week 1

Total items removed by the end of week 1: 36

Week 2

MinsGame - Week 2

Total items removed by the end of week 2: 134

Week 3

MinsGame - Week 3

Total items removed by the end of week 3: 279

Week 4

MinsGame - Week 4

Total items removed by the end of week 4: 550

This challenge was a huge success and I’m so glad to have done it. I’m definitely continuing that momentum to finally, once and for all, clear out the house of extra clutter to simplify our space.

Thank you all for following this journey with me and for everyone who started decluttering on their own or with the challenge as well!


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